"We do not rise to the occasion, we fall back to our level of training"

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 Our Seventh Annual Ride/Poker Run is to be held on

red arrow right July 28th 2018.red arrow left

Cornwall to Lancaster

 South on Cumberland St., turn left on Water St., continue on Montreal Road, Cty Road #2 and north on Cty Road #34 to the Legion Br. #544. (28.3km)

Lancaster to Alexandria

 North on Cty Road #34, beyond the 4th traffic light, turn right on Elgin St. to the Legion Br. #423. (21.5km)

Alexandria to Chesterville

South on Bishop St. turn right at the first street, continue west on Kenyon St., Cty Road #43, turn right on Queen St. to the Legion Br. #434. (54.9km)

Chesterville to Kemptville

West on Queen Str. turn right on Cty Road #43 turn left on Cty Road #24(Van Buren St.) turn right on Prescott St. turn left on Reuben Crescent to the Legion Br. #212. (38.1km)

Kemptville to Spencerville

Proceed south on Reuben Crescent, turn right on Prescott St., continue south on Cty Road #44 to the Legion Br. #604. (22.1km)

Spencerville to Prescott

Proceed south on Bennett St., turn right on Centre St. (Cty Rd.#21), turn left onto Weir Road, turn left onto Cty Rd#18 (signs for County Road 18). Continue on Edward St., then right turn on Henry St., West to the Legion Br#97. (17.4km)

Prescott to Iroquois

Proceed right on Henry St. W, then turn right on Edward St., then turn left on Cty Rd#2 continue to Broken Rd 2, turn right to Dundas St., to the Legion Br#370.(23.3km)

Iroquois to Morrisburg

Proceed west on Dundas St., turn right on Carman Road, turn right on Cty Road #2, turn right on Cty Road #31, continue on Ottawa St., turn left on Legion St. to the Legion Br #48. (13.2km)

 Last  year(2017), a total of $18,870.00 was raised from the ride/poker run, a yard sale organized by the Duffy family and the coin collections and more importantly due to the generous support of the community! Local merchants, charities and companies have been very supportive by contributing donations, goods and services annually to this event. All proceeds of the ride including all cash donations go directly to the ‘Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund’.