"We do not rise to the occasion, we fall back to our level of training"

The Canadian Army Veteran (C.A.V.)

It began with two military veteran motorcyclists meeting at a charity ride in 2003. These two individuals combined their love of motorcycle riding and at the same time were drawn to continue supporting their community after their military service. The instant bond on meeting at this ride was a confirmation of the brotherhood forged by all soldiers, sailors or airmen during their military experience. It was their interest in “How do you get a bunch of military riders together to enjoy this adventure”, that caused the initial meeting in a garage the day after that initial charity ride and the statement that "I want to get closer to my way of life again".

It is one of the co-founders years of road riding and observing the good, bad and ugly of organized riding that led to the first constitution and the symbol that is ‘The C.A.V.’, a World War II dispatch rider [from a recruiting poster] and the name/acronym, ‘The C.A.V.' for ‘Canadian Army Veterans’. In ten years the C.A.V. has grown to a national level riding group, gaining ‘Strength and Honor’ as each kilometer rolls by. The 46 units and thousands of riders, both Veterans and Supporters, riding with the C.A.V., have helped direct over 5 million dollars nationwide for community needs. The future looks bright and all roads are clear as the mission continues!

Finally, the two co-founders of this great 'family' wish it said aloud, that neither felt that what they did was special; they were simply the first to do what thousands of patriotic Canadians, now identified as Riding Veterans or Supporters, would have eventually done. The co-founders have been humbled many hundreds of times by the Character, the Class and Strength and Honor that their fellow C.A.V. members have brought to the organization. Their families, the Veteran Supporters and the many Canadian heroes that have joined, ridden with, and continue to serve this great country are the real heroes.

Since the C.A.V. motorcycle units were started in 2003, they have assisted, and continue to assist, numerous charities in achieving their monetary goals. Charity Event Riding and Community Support Events are an integral part of many of our members C.A.V./V.A.C. Adventure-No one 'Has '·to participate in these as members but there are always those willing to assist International, National and local charities. There are certain charities such as ICROSS and the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care that the C.A.V./V.A.C. supports directly with all the monies raised going directly to these charities. The C.A.V./V.A.C. also assists other events such as·the Red Ride and Ride for Dad by providing volunteers and participating in the rides. The C.A.V./V.A.C. continues to support charities and fund raisers and all members are to be congratulated for the continued support that they offer.

The C.A.V. is an honorable veteran based organization and maintains the values of our uniformed service - those of integrity, legitimacy, honor and strength!

Contact Info: http://www.thecav.ca